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      According to the demand of our customers to provide supply chain management system planning and design, including inventory levels, storage location, storage management system to optimize the operation and warehouse management services, as well as including the provision of maritime cargo warehousing services counters, in Yantian, Shekou, Guangzhou , Hong Kong, we have our own warehouse!

East-cargo main value
      • for customers to optimize the design and delivery of storage options to ensure that the customer service level and cost accounting
      • provide customers with the management of the entire warehousing process to ensure the safety of customers goods
      • provide customers with the operation of program optimization, warehouse management to improve efficiency and accuracy, lower operating costs for customers

The main mode of service
• Public Warehousing Services:
      Public warehouse services, mainly to meet the needs of smaller customers, we have more customers through the integration of warehouse management, lower management costs, public warehouses are used monthly, day of the billing methods;

• warehouse services contract:
      East morning warehousing services provided by the contract, mainly to meet the larger or special requirements of goods to customers, we provide professional management, mainly through contract warehouse services contract time for content and service charges;

• loading and unloading services:
      East morning provided the goods are sorted, cargo handling and cargo handling services;

• trailer services:
      Tung Tung morning offering counters trailer cargo and bulk cargo services, we have to have their own fleet of vehicles ready for deployment to meet the needs of each of the guests!

• value-added services:
      East provided morning sorting of goods, packaging, labeling, coding, photography, packaging and other goods to deal with a series of value-added services;

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